Sunday, February 11, 2007

Momo's Day Out

 Yesterday Momo went out with Ayu to the Knit-Out... so of course there should be pictures taken of Momo and his/her/its nonchalent face.

Here's momo under the lamp:

momo under the lamp I

And a close-up heh:

momo under the lamp II

Momo decided to also sit on the sweater for a bit:

momo sits on sweater

Unfortunately Momo didn't want to get dirty at the restaurant where we had dinner so no pictures...

Anyways, more of the sweater is done and I've timed myself: 1 row takes 10 mins! (ok this is much better than when i first started out, and it was 1 row ... 45 (astounding!!) mins!)

More of the Andean Shawl is also done, but I think until after Thursday, there won't be much progress...

Good news~ I've been so intrigued by SP, and finally signed up for it minutes ago!


Cindy said...

Haha.....will look out for yr SP post really soon.

kessa said...

Hihi. =) I love your pics of your cat. Thats a real life version of Garfield. lol.. And Momo is really cute. ;)

e said...

haha thanks both...
:) i just signed up for SP 10 already... looking forward!

yeah my cat... to think she was skinny and scrawny before she came! :P

momo nods in agreement :P