Friday, February 16, 2007

Mang's Emergency Pawtten

Mang hurt a claw on Valentine's day and I had to think of how I could keep a little piece of bandage on 
Some asked me to wrap up her paw, or put it in a sock and so on, but I had to think about how she might slip without friction from her pawpads. Plus, even baby socks are too big for her little hands so i had no choice but to think up something for her. I could also leave it alone, but the nail was hanging a little and i was afraid it would become worse if she jumps around or piles the kitty litter.

Behold the emergency Pawtten Kitten Mitten Ver. 1

pawtten ver. 1

This actually works. It has a little ribbed pattern at the top and a 
'cover' for the top of her paw.
It also has little eyelets to thread through a little ribbon at the end. but it was a little too tight, because her nail was hurting. So we didn't put it on and had to go to a simpler Plan B.

Pawtten Kitten Mitten Ver. 2

pawtten ver. 2

I'll type out the pattern a little later. but basically, I casted on 40 stitches, ribbed 2x2 for 4 rows and then worked in garter stitch for the required length. I ended off with 3 rows of ribbed 2x2 and bind off. 
I made 2 eyelets in the middle of the mitt, so i could have the option of putting on a ribbon. 
It could also help tighten the mitt if required.

Here's Mang2 with her mitt

mang with pawtten v.2 I

take 2

mang with pawtten v.2 II

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