Monday, June 23, 2008

Three is as good

Well I'm late but we've both been so busy. But on the knitting front there's a bit of good news.

For our third anniversary, I decided to do a pair of Dashing and Fetching, both available from They are really fast knits! I was actually worried I wouldn't finish them in time (i.e. last thursday) even so because of all the things I had to do but I did.

Fetching meets Dashing

Don't worry they are really a pair each.



On another note, SOS '08 started last weekend. I was busy but I didn't forget to start a sock for SOS. Of course that comes with a promise that I would have finished ONE of my Trystero socks by then. And I did!

One Trystero

So now I have two socks, two shawls and one tv project. That's not too bad. :)

More on my SOS socks next time because I want to brag about my Sox Stix. :D

1 comment:

Susan said...

THAT is a funky sock. I like the pattern wrapping around your shapely leg.