Friday, June 13, 2008

One day before WWKIP day....

and I have nothing to knit!!!!!!!!

Well not really nothing, but the projects haven't been going well.

1. Dashing had a funny yarn at the thumb, and I only realized my mistake after I finished the whole glove. It still works and the funny yarn cannot be seen but Little Miss Perfectionist is never going to be glad about that.

2. First Fetching had a hole near the thumb. I fretted for a bit but decided I'll try and sew it up when I'm darning in. And I did and now it looks fine. But somehow I don't have the urge to cast on the second one and my deadline is supposed to be thursday.

3. Trystero looks beautiul EXCEPT the colorway's gone all indigo and where the instep joins the leg, it's a mad match of deep indigo and sweet lavender. I'm going to continue with the sock and see what happens. If it's really all weird then well... I would have to give up right?

4. Scrolls is a beautiful pattern and the toe ups are going ok but the YOs are too too too big. I have no idea why and now when I put them on, my foot feels naked. I keep thinking 'I can see my foot through these socks!' Tell me, what's the point of wearing socks when they work like translucent stockings?

what am I going to do for tomorrow?! oh noes....

*stay tuned*


Susan said...

I can't believe that someone who usually has startitis as bad as you isn't jumping to cast on something new.

Have a good WWKIP Day!

louise said...

I hope you found something to knit. Susan and I had lunch today and a nice visit. Hope to visit more with her next week before she goes to Texas.

September is coming fast so plan a knit day while I am there.