Monday, September 07, 2009


my oh my... it's September and I haven't posted anything in August!

Anyway I finished something


It's a one skein stole with noro silk garden sock yarn.

I have to thank Lois for bringing her stole at our KO show and tell hehe... I managed to knit this thus quickly because it became something that I could do during the little bit of tv time I have.


I love the gradation of the colors!! Noro never fails to amaze me. hehe. In fact, I think this yarn has a better life as a beautiful dropped stitch stole than if it were a sock!!


well well well... time to get back to those other FOs...


Susan said...

I love those colors. It would go well with me stash. Congrats on an FO when you are so busy.

Yvette said...

I have this same yarn. I never would have thought to do a stole with it.

R a i n said...

It's light, it's colorful, it's airy.!

kerlaine said...

oh it's wonderful!!!