Saturday, September 19, 2009

broken needles and sox box

Well I was knitting away at a new sock yesterday and guess what happened...


Sigh!!! I love these needles... and the thing was, it broke just like that! I didn't even pull the yarn through the stitch...

The good thing I guess is that I will now have legitimate excuse to buy new needles.

On another note, I've always dreamed of having a project box at home full of socks.

Well although instead of one big box, I have 2 small ones, I'm a happy camper.

Sox Box

I love these boxes! They are cheap and good ehehheehe... They are fun too since I can easily see what projects are inside. I initially use them only for my bears, but why keep it to just one craft? :D

I guess everyone can see I'm kinda in an mlc (red) phase... I started two new socks in red. -_-... I think that fed my startitis well and I'm going to make sure I won't start anything new before anything is finished.


Miserylovescompany said...

ahem... why are u infringing on 'MY' color??? :P lol. sorry about your pretty broken needle, but on the bright side, u get to buy new ones! p.s did i tell you i have a new neighbour from france who knits? and knits lace???

Jackie said...

i love your lastest colours stash yarn - great colour.

:( so sorry about the broken one, but like we say : old one dont go, new one cant come !!

i love see-thru box too, so as none is left behind unnoticed.

R a i n said...

Oh noooo, a knitter's nightmare!! I'm always terrified when using dpns that they'll snap like toothpicks.
But hey, you gotta get new ones now!!

Red!! Yeah. I'm getting tired of purple lol.