Monday, April 13, 2009

oh yayy!

I have an FO!

Well ok I need to sew in the ends....

But it's an FO.

The good news is... well I should have a teeny bit more time to craft now at least for the month. I finished Intermediate Japanese and am waiting for the Pre-Advance class to start. It's probably not going to be anytime this month though.

The not so good news is... I still have my mum's cardi to go boohoo.... However, seeing that I can actually finish something is making me hope I'll have time to finish her cardi too.

On bear notes, I received the mini bear kit I got with E from Gerry's. I am supposed to be able to make mini flower fairy bears but... they only gave me green and bear colored material. :( I thought there will be nicer stuff like some red or blue. And there aren't even instructions for the 'flower' parts... I guess it's nothing for beginners! I will have to get some ribbon for the birthday bear as well as some flower things for the minis if I were to make them the next time I go to spotlight.


Andrea said...

When do we get to see the FO? Hurray for finishing!

Valerie said...

hey check out daiso for the ribbons. i saw some lovely ones on the shelves.

i might be able to take a look and see how i can help with your bear kit, or why don't u call alicia?

R a i n said...


I'd like to see more mini bear pics too. They're so cute.

Jackie said...

Cant wait to see your FO. Will it be a knit or beading or bear bear....hmm

ellie-san said...

Ya I thought it was quite a sham too... Guess you need flower petals to turn them into flower-fairies~