Tuesday, September 25, 2007


I'm done! I'm done!

With Leo

Leo from Knitty
Yarn: Sirdar Denim DK approx 8 balls
Knitted with Addi Turbos

The introduction to the pattern at knitty fitted my search requirements (i.e. no funky cables, no multi-colored work, not too thick, no horizontal stripes etc.) and when I had the Ok, I immediately picked up the needles to cast this on. So many of you know how I am with my UFOs, and so many of you know this project via this blog too (especially Cindy who was there on the very day I bought the yarn years ago! December 2004 - YIKES. lol!) I just want to thank everyone for cheering me on, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :D

thank you thank you thank you!

finally i can tag this with an FO! w00t!


Cindy said...

*clap clap*
I guess AS will be over the top. :D

Anonymous said...

Brilliant!! You finished it - amazing job there!

Take care,

Yvette said...

Oh my ...! It's amazing!
And I've finally gotten around to putting your link on my sidebar.

JL said...

gong xi gong xi, very nice, any pics with AS wearing it ?

alt.ayu said...

Thanks everyone~~ :) I guess I indeed managed to finish it before he comes back. hee hee

J: not at the moment, he's not back yet. Maybe when he comes back hehe

Dipsy said...

Wow!!! Your Leo looks stunningly beautiful! What a fantastic job you did with it - I'm totally impressed! Congratulations!!!

R a i n said...

CONGRATS!! I'm so proud of you. Okay I gotta get off my bum and finish mine hahaa.

Also...you've been tagged!!

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louise said...


iro iro said...

yay! belated congrats.. i won't hv the patience to knit something so big for my SO, so tell yours that he's a lucky one!