Tuesday, November 09, 2010

hello Hello hello

I am SO tired

A lot of things have happened, work-wise, and I guess that's what's been keeping me busy - apart from the two work trips of 20h flights x 4 in total - anyways.

I think there's been a lot of things I have been wanting to do and have been able to keep at a bare minimum at the beginning of the year. It's not a very good balance, but I had the time to attempt the balance at least.

Today I sit and look at my crafts (and my consoles) and i wonder when I would be able to pick them up again.

Today, I write here with hope that i would be able to have some updates and some progress soon.


Yvette said...

Hello back. Don't stress too much. Do your crafts when you feel you'll love doing them.
Nice to see you back.

Susan said...

YAY! Welcome back!

R a i n said...

Ah looks like the world has caught everyone in it's web.


Your crafts will be waiting for you faithfully till you're ready!