Tuesday, March 10, 2009

how do you give them away?

I always feel that it's not easy giving away my finished items. Even if I start the project telling myself it's a gift, I might change my mind halfway through - most of the time I'm too in love with the project but there are occasions when I think it's not good enough to be gifted.

I did try to get myself started on gifting my my finished items... and I tried to use whatever I knew about crafting to try and create some nice handmade presents. After all, I know people who appreciate handmade gifts. My first gifts included my first lace shawl - Kimono, requested by my grandma, knitted for eons and eons, and presented to her almost a year later! I also finally gave AS his sweater, and now he's asking for another. I have gifted him scarves and socks and fingerless gloves, but I enjoy giving him items mostly because they are still in the house and I cans see them whenever I like.

Last year I've given away bracelets and stitchmarkers to friends. But I still managed to make a copy on my own if I can. If not, I would take pictures so that I might be able to make more for myself 'some time soon'. And who could forget my Fetching Frenzy? It's a wonderful way to try out angora, and it's a wonderful thought that they will be useful in the cold French winter last year. In fact it's quite fun to be the walking Fetching pattern heh. Even so, you might also remember I made Fetchings for myself, as a compliment to the pair of Dashing I knitted for AS.

Now my mum is asking for a cardigan (two now. and a shawl too). I like the yarn a lot (debbie bliss alpaca silk dk). I feel like getting it for myself next time. And well it's going on and on and on and it's not finishing quickly enough. So I thought I'd make her a bear to appease her. She likes bears. My whole family likes bears. And so a bear kit it is. I made its head. I can finish it soon by the end of this week. But then again, I like it so much!

So I'm currently facing another problem. Bears are also hard to give away because they have this character and face. Just like my knits have gone through ups and downs with me, these bears have been created stitch by stitch, all by myself. (ok AS helps with the bear eyes) I suppose over time, I'd get attached to the project. If it comes with a face, it's even harder to say bye. It reminds me of the time I intended Gordon to be my Dad's birthday present but I like him so much I got Dad another kit.

Sigh!!! I hope I get resolved on this soon because Mum's birthday is two Saturdays away!

PS: I changed the title two days ago. I guess it better reflects the contents hehe

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R a i n said...

Oh my my! The crafter's dilemma.

I've given away items as gifts only on two occasions, somehow the thought that it would be used with care was a comfort (but then who knows what happened - and I don't think I'd like to find out).

I love knitting for the men in my family, they make full use of it. Ladies on the other hand, not so much: hard to please. There's a DFS rotting in someone's wardrobe for years now - it kills me.

I guess you might have to shift your thinking as to how lovingly and well each item would be used and that would make it easier to give away?

Just my two - no, four - cents.