Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Oh C'mon. It's just 5.

I'm talking about WIPs.

Many would know that I have startitis. I just like to start projects and live with the idea of having anything and everything available, whenever and wherever I want it. I mean, sometimes, I feel like doing lace. Sometimes, socks. Sometimes something brainless. Sometimes a difficult sock. Sometimes boring lace. Sometimes cabling.

So ok, when I heard of the Ravelympics, I was thinking ... Shall I start a sock? A scarf? A shawl? What shall I do? Which Event should I take part in? Well, what could be more apt than to join the WIP Wrestling event. It's time to finish up those socks and the cardi I started.

What cardi?

Here, have a look at all the WIPs I have on hand and are going for Ravlympics.

Ester in Progress
Ester: I'm at the sleeve/collar thing part and reaching the last ribbings soon. But I think ribbing is boring.

One Trystero
Trystero: One more to go (less the cuff cos I've already done that)

Cotton: I think there's only 70% of the second sock to go.

Here are the two WIPs that I have and aren't going for Ravelympics because I decided not to be too ambitious.

Hanami in Progress
Hanami: I'm going to finish the Basketweave section today so if that happens I'm going to be at the 50% mark.

Muguet de Mai
Muguet de Mai: It's the 9th repeat of 10.... but I still have the border to go! bleah.

I think I'm in a lace phase at the moment. I feel like casting on 1000000 lace projects. I might cast on Queen Anne IF I finish all my Ravelympics stuff Plus I finish 75% of Hanami and all the repeats less the border of Muguet de Mai.

Now: Watch me break my own promise.


Piggilicious said...

::watching for broken promises::

If you do cast on that many lace projects, you'll have to spend the rest of your (and your SO's) life blocking!

Good luck on the Ravelympics, especially on the cardigan!

Mokihana said...

OH my gosh! I wish I could do lacework like that!! Beautiful!